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Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation

About us

About us

About Sun Dialogue By Cosmos Creation

Cosmos Creation is the newest branding venture from Cosmos Hotels and Resorts; and in the spring of 2016, it launched Sun Dialogue – a professionally managed hotel that is enriched with local cultural and artisanal craftsmanship. Located on Da-Ya Road in Chiayi City, its bright white geometric design of the exterior expresses fluidity in style with an art museum-like elegance, while the guest rooms are injected with pops of bright colors to inspire a lively energy.  Through creative and imaginative design and artwork, A-Li Mountain’s iconic beauty is able to permeate every corner of the hotel’s public space and guest rooms – its breathtaking sunrise, mesmerizing mountain mist, and majestic Cypress Pines – which further invokes a sense of pleasant amenity from guests and travelers. Furthermore, the Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation aims to target the family market with is abundant display art and design that will draw out the inner child in everyone.


Sun Dialogue Brand Story

The rising sun shines in golden radiance; the sky is like a canvas, with watercolor clouds swirling free and exuberant: Sun Dialogue – created by Cosmos Hotels and Resorts’ latest branding endeavor, Cosmos Creation – is the triumphant union of artistry and hospitality. As you step into the hotel, every corner and every object exudes home-like coziness, with thoughtful service in every detail. This is the place to hit your reset button, and wrapped yourself and your loved ones in the comfort of our unique hospitality.
Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation boasts 71 well-appointed guest rooms, each room a visual surprise, a seamless blend of playful design with warm, mellow timber tone injected with eye-popping artwork and strategic lighting. This is where you can find lightness and happiness on your journey.


Hotel Exterior

Wake up to a bright, sunny day, breathe in the fresh country air, and embrace another day full of wonderful surprises!

Using irregular geometric design of varied depth and height to create a visual rhythm, the bright white exterior of the hotel is a piece of artwork coming to life, with elegant lines and angles in a constant transformation from day to night, as magical as the A-Li Mountain’s changing façade.


Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation Mascot – Dobby

Inspired by the indigenous mountain pig, Dobby is Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation’s cute and cuddly mascot. With a round, chubby torso and a large snout, Dobby is the picture of childhood innocence and playfulness. Mountain pigs signify an optimistic outlook and a persevering nature in Taiwan’s aboriginal tribes, and it looks to provide comfort and a sense of wellbeing for a weary traveller, fueling your journey with positive energy and a renewed sense of calmness to the mind!

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